Where You Can Find Web Designer?

Are you looking for the right designer to fulfill all your web-designing requirements? We can help you find the right designer for you.

We know how hard it can be to combine all your great ideas into one website and communicate your vision to a global audience. An expert web designer can help you navigate the messages you want to spread through your website.

Contrary to popular belief, a web designer doesn’t just help make your website look beautiful and appealing. Web designers design, code, plan and create Internet websites. They also determine technical requirements and often write and edit content.

All of these tasks must be performed by one person. You need to ensure that they are up to the task. Time Doctor offers a list of apps that can be used to track your productivity and app usage. This will allow you to see which web designs and features are most in demand.

Let’s start with some frequently asked questions about website design and development.

What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

While the terms “web designer” and “web developer” are often used in the technology world, they are not interchangeable.

Website designers are the creative force behind creating websites. Website designers are responsible for creating the website’s style and format. They use software such as Photoshop and codes such HTML and CSS to do so.

Web designers often have specialized areas such as User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and Visual design. This is a combination of UX and UI.

A web developer, on the other hand is responsible for transforming the web designer’s ideas into reality. JavaScript and JQuery are used to build the framework for a website. Developers are similar to web designers and have specialized roles.

They are usually divided into three types: Full-stack, Front-end, and Back-end developers.

Should I hire a freelancer or a full-time employee?

Your choice to hire a freelancer, or a full-time worker, will depend on what kind of work is being advertised and how much you are willing to spend.

Full-time workers have more job security and accountability, but many online marketing platforms are trying to change the tide by offering employers skilled, reliable freelancers who can do the same job as full-time employees.

We recommend reading this article about Virtual Project Management if you have concerns about managing your employees, especially freelancers, via virtual means.

10 Best Websites to Hire A Web Designer Today

Let’s now clear up any confusion about this topic and move on to the top 10 sites that allow you to hire the best web-designers. This is our top list of the best platforms for finding the most talented web-designers.


Toptal is our number one choice when it comes to websites that hire web designers. Toptal was founded in 2010 and is a top-rated freelance platform that connects businesses with web designers, software engineers, and business advisors.

The platform has the largest selection of freelance talent from all over the globe. It only hires the top 3% global freelance talent. Toptal’s rigorous screening process involves evaluating every applicant. They are evaluated on their technical knowledge, personality, and project management skills.

Toptal was founded with highly skilled engineers in mind. Toptal designers are proficient in programming languages with JavaScript and HTML under their belts.

They are also experts in web design areas such as UX, UI and Product Design.

Toptal lets you select freelance designers based on your specific needs. Toptal makes it easy to contact designers who have the right skills and experience to meet your design needs.

Toptal makes it easy to find skilled, experienced and well-respected designers in just a few clicks.


Next on our list: 99designs, an Australian freelance platform that connects graphic designers with clients.

This platform is unique in that it uses a contest to select designers. Designers from all over the world can submit their ideas for what your site might look like.

You can browse through hundreds of submissions to find the one you like most. 99designs lets you choose the level of your preferred designer from three categories: top-level or mid-level.

Over 90 skill sets are supported by the platform. The platform allows you to search for web and app designers in many areas, such as web page design and WordPress theme design. landingpage design. Social media page design is another.

You have the option to choose from a variety of payment options to hire your designer, while still sticking to your budget.

Upwork is the third website on our list. It’s one of the largest global marketplaces for registered web designers and developers. This freelance platform, formerly known as ElanceoDesk was home to over 18 million freelancers and 5 million clients.

Upwork is a well-established platform that has a large number of top-rated web designers.

It is evident that the platform attracts many reviews. These opinions can vary from person-to-person so you will only be able to tell how it works for you once you have used it.

You will need to describe the job and the price you are willing to pay to find the right designer for you on Upwork. You can either ask specific freelancers to work for you or post a general request that anyone is interested.

After receiving several great responses within 24 hours you can then choose the person you want to work with based upon their Upwork profile, ratings and preferences.

Upwork has a guide that outlines the best tips and tricks for hiring web designers through the platform. It also lists the skills you should be looking for in the candidate.

Upwork designers have a broad range of skills. These include web programming and graphic design.

The best web designers are proficient in basic web design (which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and have a solid knowledge of UI design and basic UX design. They also know how to use Squarespace and WordPress.

Envato studio

Envato Studio, one of the most popular online marketplaces for WordPress themes and web design, is fourth on our list. This Studio is open to both agencies and freelancers, and offers a variety of design packages at affordable prices.

Envato Studio lets you search for web designers in a variety of categories, including those that are priced low, quick turnaround, or located near you. It also offers community recommendations.

To find a designer that interests you, compare portfolios and prices. Then send an inquiry to them with a brief description of the job and a briefing. The Studio will manage all monetary transactions. They will not pay until the job has been completed and you are happy with the result. This is a great way to find talented designers from all over the globe.


Behance, a social media platform is number five on our list. Adobe Systems owns Behance, the largest global network for discovering and showcasing creative work.

You can find many agencies and freelance web designers on this award-winning platform.

Behance designers often post videos of their work as examples on their profile. They also list their skills and specialties which gives you a better idea of the designs. Behance is the best site to search for web designers that use Adobe Creative Suite.


PeoplePerHour is the sixth website on our list. It’s a UK-based platform that allows businesses to connect with freelance workers. PeoplePerHour was originally created to assist small businesses. It allows you to connect with local freelancers in Europe at affordable rates.

The platform is unique because it hosts contests and allows freelancers to pay their fees at an hourly rate in pre-priced packages called the “Hourlies”.

The site allows freelancers to post a listing of their skills and a brief description about their areas of expertise. They can also share reviews and recommendations from past clients.

PeoplePerHour’s top designers are skilled in a variety of creative and technical skills. These skills include WordPress design, graphic and website design, web development, content management and e-commerce website design. Here you can find designers who can create UI and UX apps for Android or iOS devices with UX prototyping.


Freelancer is next on our list, which is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces. You can find a wide range of opportunities to hire through this platform, including job postings, contests and specific searches in more than 1800 categories. These include Graphic Design, Website Design, ecommerce, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

Their website contains a detailed guide for hiring website designers. It also includes a number of recommended articles and showcased work by their freelancers. A quick glance at their portfolios, past works, and reviews of their work will help you find the best professionals.

Within seconds of posting a job, you will receive multiple bids from freelancers interested. These bids can be viewed and you can choose the person you want to work with.

You will be able to follow the progress of your freelancer and communicate with them via a live chat. You can also contact the website 24/7 with any questions.

This platform has a unique feature: it charges both the freelancer as well as the client to initiate a project. By requiring both the freelancer and client to have collateral, this creates an atmosphere of accountability. Once the work is completed, you will be able to pay for it.

Our eighth list includes Hired, an online job platform that allows you to recruit qualified candidates to work in your company. You can invite talented designers to your company through Hired.

This profile includes information about the candidate, including their job interests and skillset. You will be able propose a salary upfront and the site will match you up with candidates who are suitable for your job. Hired has a high acceptance rate with 84% of applicants accepting job offers they receive on Hired.

If you’re looking for designers who are full-time and not freelance, this is the place to look. Hired hosts a wide range of designers with different skills, such as Graphic Designers and Product Designers, UX Designers and UI Designers.

Stack Overflow

Next on our list is Stack Overflow – a question and answer site for both professional and amateur programmers. This website is primarily a knowledge market similar to Reddit and wiki, but it also offers a job section that connects employers with aspiring developers.

You can use this platform to market your business, post job openings, and find candidates from their database.

Stack Overflow is a community of web developers, programmers, and tech experts. It receives millions of visits every month. This means that your job advertisement will be exposed to the most talented programmers and developers.

Three systems allow businesses to connect with skilled developers via the site. These include a private Q&A session to share your internal knowledge, a Talent Solutions search process to help you find the right candidate, and an efficient advertising platform that will speed up the search for potential employees.

These applications will make it easy to quickly find the right developer to join your team!


Last but not least! Dribbble is the last (but certainly not least!) site on our list. It’s a social networking and self-promotion platform for digital designers. This website was created in 2009 and serves two purposes: it allows designers to upload their work and it allows employers to hire designers for new positions.

Dribbble allows web designers to work as freelancers and as part of a design team. You can view the displayed works of each designer on their profile as “shots”, which allows you to see their entire portfolio.

You can post a job posting, search for specific designers or start a freelance project to hire the right designer. You can also find the Job Board that will help you find the right designer with different payment options.

Dribbble is the only platform exclusively for designers. It hosts a variety designers with diverse design skills. The site hosts Web Designers as well as Typographers and Illustrators.


Here it is – a complete guide to the top 10 websites to help you find the right web-designer. In just a few mouse clicks you can easily find hundreds of web-designers ready to help you make your vision a reality. You only need to choose one.

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