The Best Looking Storage Beds That You Can Choose

No one said, “I just have waaay to much bedroom storage.” Never. Overflow problems are not something you should be doing unless you are a strict organizer. It’s okay to be upset about it, especially if you live in an older house or apartment with small closets designed for smaller wardrobes.

Dressers and Wardrobes are great options, but if space is tight, there’s a way to increase your bedroom storage. You can store off-season clothes, extra linens and other items that you don’t have room for in your closet with storage beds. There are many stylish options.

These are the top storage beds.

Floyd’s platform bed is a great option if you believe simplicity is bliss. This platform design is simple but has many custom options that you can customize to your liking.

You can add drawers to your bed in addition to the five configurations, two types of wood, and two colors for hardware. You can also add two drawers to your bed for an additional fee. These drawers will store extra clothes, linens, and other items. These drawers can be closed to conceal their existence under the bed platform frame.

The NORDLI Bed, a classic IKEA product, is one of the best storage beds available. Its simplicity is what makes this bed so special. The basic platform bed has six drawers, three on each side. There’s plenty of storage space so that you don’t have to worry about additional storage.

The NORDLI bed is a double-ended bed. It can be used as a closet and has enough space to store everything, from your snow gear to extra sheets. Although this bed is more difficult to assemble than the other choices, it’s a stylish and practical design that will fit into any décor.

Nathan Yong’s Line Storage Bed for DWR is a fantastic option. It doesn’t even look like a storage mattress. The louvered design conceals the two large drawers at your footboard. This allows you to store tons of extra linens while keeping the appearance clean.

The modern design is available in three sizes ( and two colors (oak, walnut). Both can be used with any of your existing bed linens. The bed is definitely an investment piece. However, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

This mid-century storage bed from West Elm features lots of hutches, open cubbies and a lot more. This sophisticated bed, made from sustainably-sourced wood and Fair Trade-certified facilities, is perfect for those who want a vintage look.

Side storage eliminates the need to have a nightstand. It looks great when paired with books, plants and a bedside light. If you are sharing a bed with someone, storage on one side may be an issue. West Elm offers a range of affordable, mid-century modern designs that can be used in conjunction with the bed, including a bookcase and dresser.

This whitewashed solid wooden bed by Joss & Main gives you a rustic farmhouse appearance . The herringbone headboard adds a unique design element to the bed. A hidden drawer in its footboard can be used for bedding, jackets, and other off-season items. The platform bed is a true platform bed, with no boxspring required. It looks more traditional than a traditional bed due to its prominent headboard and height. Solid wood construction makes it extremely sturdy.

Some storage beds don’t have drawers, or a lift up frame. Pottery Barn’s Astoria Storage Bed is an example. It features an extended headboard that allows you to store books, water bottles, and other small accessories.

Although you won’t be able store an entire winter’s worth sweaters in this bed it is a great option for those who need more space for books or other items. The extended headboard gives you more styling options than just shelves on either side.

Hollywood Regency, it’s your turn! This velvet-upholstered option is a reinterpretation of the glamorous, velvet-upholstered furniture popular in Hollywood sets and homes of celebrities. The bed has a large drawer at its foot and it is available in 22 colors (! You have a variety of velvet upholstery choices so that you can choose the right color for your space.

The headboard’s button tufting adds to its timeless look, while also keeping it functional. This will keep the padding in place for many years. It’s a great option if you like to curl up with a book every night before bedtime.

It can be difficult to find a stylish Deco-inspired upholstered storage bed. It is sleek and elegant, with extra storage.

This bed features a sleek design and large drawers that open on metal glides. There are three options for the headboard: a standard, tall, or low one. All of them are thickly padded with upholstered in your choice of fabric. This storage bed is contract-grade which means that it’s strong enough to be used in hotels. You can also rest assured it will last a lifetime.

The Novogratz Brittany Bed is a budget-friendly, storage bed that maximizes under-bed storage. The two large drawers on each side maximize the amount of stuff that can be stored under your bed. They also give the frame a sleek look due to the tight upholstery.

This bed’s bentwood slat system responds to pressure gently and gives you the feeling of sleeping on a box spring. The headboard can be added to create a cohesive look for your space.

Final Verdict

We recommend the Floyd Platform Bed ( view Floyd), as it is modern and sleek, has lots of storage, and allows for custom capabilities. IKEA’s NORDLI bed ( view IKEA) is a budget-friendly alternative. It has a minimalist design and hidden storage options that are significantly cheaper than other options.

What you should look for in a storage bed


Different beds have different drawer types, so make sure you know how much storage space you require. Some beds come with a built in set. Others offer customizable options that allow you to choose how many drawers you need. Look for storage options at the foot of your bed, or one that lifts up to reveal underneath storage if you have a narrow bedroom.


There are many styles and designs available for storage beds, so you can be sure to find the one that best suits your style. There are also other design elements you should consider. Consider whether you prefer a platform or low-profile bed. These beds may look more sleek but offer less space than bulkier options. You won’t find headboards with some beds, so consider this if you prefer a more cohesive design or if you’d rather create your own headboard.


Storage beds are priced differently from other furniture. They can be budget-friendly or expensive. These beds are typically more expensive than standard beds so you might end up spending at most $500. You might consider shopping at larger online retailers if you have a limited budget. They will offer more options and are more likely to have one that suits your design preferences and budget.

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