Great Tips For Those Who Travel With Their Sex Toys

There are many tricks that you can use to get through airport security, even if you have sex toys. We’re here to help you stash those goodies!

These are 10 tips to travel with sex toys. This article originally appeared on You can read the original.

1. Take out the batteries from your vibrator

This is something we all do. It happens when you are in a hurry to pack and you just throw everything into your bag without even thinking about it. Yes, this is us.

We completely forgot to remove the vibrator’s batteries one time. It somehow got lost in our bag… Cue the scene: We stand pink-faced at the conveyor belt as a security guard searches our backpacks for a strange buzzing sound.

Seby asked, “Do we tell she?”
Let’s see …” how it plays out.

Sure enough, seconds later she waved her rainbow-coloured vibrator at everyone. It was not one of our best moments.

Take it from us, we’re telling you to take the battery out before you pack! You’ll save yourself embarrassment and avoid losing the battery if it suddenly turns off. Did you know that the vibrator caused Berlin’s airport to close? Just saying ‘…

2. Your toiletries and vibrator should be packed in your bag

To follow up on our tip about removing the batteries from the vibrator, you can also add your device to a toiletry bag. This is an additional act of expert concealment. You might be lucky enough to fool a security guard into thinking it is a neck massager. Even if the picture shows Ryan Reynold, it is not …)!.

Real: A woman rose stimulation or gay agent will probably know what it means. It doesn’t matter if you get caught. This is a natural item that you should have and most people won’t care a bit.

Make sure you keep it separate from your toothbrush. This is the type of dirt that even we don’t like…

3. Avoid packing poppers!

Popper culture has been a secretive topic in the LGBTQ community for decades. Airport security will likely not know what the poppers are if they find them in your bag.

It is not clear if selling or buying poppers is legal. Although technically they are illegal, some shops use them to disguise their presence as room deodorizers. These items are often found under the counter at sex shops so ask the cashier if they have them.

They are used by partiers to get a high and a pleasant head rush, as well as to loosen up in some areas. While many people reading this might consider it an important item to have, it is not worth the risk of airport security thinking that you are drug smuggling. It doesn’t matter if you’re a drug smuggler… the real deal won’t be pretty.

Poppers can’t be checked in, and it is also illegal.

4. Budget for a checked luggage

We were going to a gay festival a few summers back. We couldn’t decide which outfits we should bring so we decided to just bring the whole lot and have a good time. We would still have to go through the horrible luggage check-in.

Although it can be a hassle, sometimes you have no choice. It’s the worst part of any traveling experience. It is expensive. It can be frustrating. It can also be dangerous.

What happens if the bag is lost? What happens if the bag exceeds its weight limit? What if an evil airport employee hides illegal drugs in it? This could incriminate you and land you in prison for the rest your life. This last sentence is quite dramatic. It can lead to more stress than it is worth.

But if you’re going on a long-term trip or simply want to avoid embarrassment from staff finding a toy in your bag, it might be worth the risk. Find out what the airline charges for checked baggage before you go on your trip. You can then decide if this is an expense you need.

5. Your shoes are your shoes!

This is the place we never thought of putting our dildo… but it works. It will not only impress security personnel by your ability to tightly roll up socks but also make it easier for you to carry around luggage.

Dildos can be hard to mistake for any other item if they are found. If you’re prone to embarrassment you will go to great lengths to make sure they aren’t found.

You might be thinking, “But Boys, my dildo too big to put into my shoe!” Good for you, sis! You can wrap it in a towel, or t-shirt. There are many other options.

Don’t forget to put it in your bag before you go to your accommodation.

6. Keep it non-metallic cock rings

It could be the plot of an amazing *adult* movie. You are wearing a metallic cockring. You pass security. The alarm sounds. Hot guard arrives and demands a frisk. You can see how it might end.

Unfortunately, this is not what will happen in real life. Not even close. We have some guidelines for getting those rings to their destination.

Rule 1: Your ring should not be worn through security. It seems obvious, right? It is not for everyone. It was not as spicy as it might seem.

Rule 2: Don’t bring a metal one. You can swap it for the silicone or rubber version.

If you are adamant about metal, at least come up with a creative way to bring it through. You can either attach it to your belt buckle or make it look like a fashion accessory. You could also wear it as bracelet. You could even wear it as an earring. This may seem a bit ridiculous and OTT, but it’s still better than having to be strip-searched, and then explaining what you’re wearing.

7. Your hoods can be folded and stored with your underwear

You have two options if you find yourself with a fetish-hooded bag in your luggage.

First, be truthful. You must admit that it is part of your kink.

The second is to lie and claim you are planning on robbing banks!

This option is less likely than the first. Wrap your hood up in some underwear, or a tee-shirt to get around this. Because it’s just a small piece of fabric, it won’t likely be noticed.

If you have any spills or leaks in your luggage, at the very minimum, place it in something else.

8. Harnesses shouldn’t be a problem

A harness is a must-have item in our lives. We love a harness for how stylish we look and because they don’t cause us any headaches when we travel. They can be carried easily and are easy to find in random carry-on searches.

You could even wear it through security.

Wrap it in a towel to keep it safe and place it in a plastic bag. Harnesses are expensive, and you don’t want it to get soiled by a burst of shower gel.

9. If you’re traveling to a homophobic nation, avoid using sex toys!

We know that even though we are daring, bringing cock rings and a dildo vibrator to places like Indonesia or the UAE will not be a good idea. You could be in serious trouble if security guards don’t get it.

You could end up getting some serious stank eyes – this is worse than the look Seby gives me when it’s hard to choose where to eat …!. The worst-case scenario is jail-time, or even more. Don’t take the risk.

We always add notes into each of our guides about a country/destination’s LGBTQ policies and public attitudes, so you can check these out if you’re unsure of how tolerant/progressive a place is. While some places might seem fine when you search their laws on Google (e.g. Hungary or Poland), social attitudes can still be very judgmental. It’s better to avoid it than risk it! You can find out more by checking our guide to the p laces that we rate as the most homosexual friendly countries in the world.

10. Remember, lube can be a liquid!

This may seem obvious to others. Trust us. Lube must be kept in a sealed bag at security. Many men left their lube behind as they walked through security, thinking it was a condom. It was quite a hassle for them when the alarms went off when they found their packet.

You can save yourself the hassle of storing it with your liquid-y toiletries. This will keep things simple and prevent it from leaking onto your other carry-ons.

It should not exceed the limit of 3.4 ounces. It’s not something you want to happen, especially if it’s a brand new bottle or packet.

What if you get caught with your sex toys!

Sex is about having fun and playing games, at the end of it all. Everybody has a story to tell, and being caught with your sex toys while you go through security could be one of them! It’s not a problem at the moment. It’ll soon become a hilarious story you can share with your friends over drinks for the rest of the time.

You’ll also give your guards something to laugh about during their lunch break. It’s a win-win situation!

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