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On 26th February 2019, Plarium Global LTD released Raid Shadow Legends. Plarium is an Israeli company with Herzylia as their base of operations, that have also representations in Russia, Ukraine, USA, and the UK. They focus on the development of social, web-based and mobile content, most commonly of MMO origin. Before Raid Shadow Legends they published titles like Vikings: War of Clans, Soldiers, Inc., Terminator Genisys: Future War, Sparta: War of Empires, Stormfall, Total Domination, Throne: Kingdom at War, etc…

Stormfall and Soldiers, Inc., which were released before Raid Shadow Legends, were the most successful and profitable financial successes, with the highest growth rates in their respective years. Spirit Keep from Raid Shadow Legends surpasses all expectations and becomes the most downloaded game in the Plarium series. Raid Shadow Legends is now one year old and has over 10 million downloads. It is also one of the top-grossing Gacha Games on Google Play. This is due to aggressive marketing. A lot of people reacted negatively to the game’s release, reviewing it with the lowest score.

The current Metascore on Google Play has a 3.9 because there is a split in the community regarding this game. People who actually play it rate it with 5, while those who are annoyed by constant advertisements on every social media platform rate it with 1. Because of the constant advertisements, Raid Shadow Legends marketing is so aggressive that people began to create MEMEs about it sarcastically. Raid Shadow Legends MEME has been ranked as one of the top-searched keywords for this game.

All of that doesn’t alter the fact that Raid Shadow Legends remains one of the most popular Gacha games and is a top-rated game.


When we talk about the atmosphere in Raid Shadow Legends, we must emphasize that this game does not bring anything truly new to the Gacha mobile genre. Players need to collect as many different Champions as possible and to use them in different game segments that awards them with various rewards needed for improving the Champions they collected.

The summoning of Champions is the only way to obtain most of them. Chances are very similar to other games. This means that players can’t plan their progress and are dependent on luck. We know that 0.5% of the Champions will summon Ancient and Void Shards while 6% are Sacred Shards. This means that it is nearly impossible to plan your progress according to the Champion’s skill description.

Although you can get some Champions through Fusion or events, your team’s strength will be determined by RNG, which can be frustrating. There are more opportunities to get desired Champions if you spend enough money. This is a game that is pay-to-win.

While I can’t argue with the fact of collecting Champions, it can be quite interesting. However, it is not possible to compete with the best players on the Server without paying. This is a major issue for some. Raid Shadow Legends is a popular game because it is hard to explain the joy of acquiring the desired Champion.


When the game starts, the player is in control of 4 brave Champions who are about to challenge a Mighty Dragon. Their bravery and confidence are impeccable but the Dragon destroys them easily. Just as they are about to transcend to the other World, Arbiter shows up and tells them a sad story – Arbiter’s powers diminish, the World of Teleria is in peril and she needs a champion to fight against Forces of Evil. At this moment, the player chooses one Champion between 4 mentioned Champions, Arbiter resurrects the selected Champion and the game begins.

The Campaign begins when the player is transferred to Bastion, which is the center of its operations. The Story begins at Kaerok Castle, where King Tayba and his Banner Lords have been thrown into the Shadow. The player must resolve the situation before moving on to the next area where they are needed.

Each region has its own history and lore. This is great for those who want to learn more, but I find that the Story isn’t that important for most players.


Gameplay in Raid Shadow Legends is pretty much the same as in all other games of this genre. A player is leading a team of 4 Champions who have at least 2 active skills at disposal. The speed of characters determines the playing order. Players then decide what skills will be used and when using their advantages and enemy’s disadvantages for winning the battle.

Raid Shadow Legends offers several PVE and PVP sections, but ultimately it comes down to winning battles. Important to note that certain content can be done on auto-play after a while. This will be used as the player progresses through the game. The player does not need to do much in order to win battles if they have the right team and enough strength.

There are four ways to enhance the abilities of all Champions. You can upgrade their level, rank, skills, and abilities. They can also ascend to become more powerful. Raid Shadow Legends can be played in the same way as other Gatchas, but it has one distinct feature that makes it stand out. That is likely why Raid Shadow Legends is so popular. Graphics are the reason!


The graphic in Raid Shadow Legends is simply amazing. Unlike most popular Gatchas where all models are Anima-based in this game, all models are classic Tolkien-based art. When you see a Knight in Raid Shadow Legends it is a Knight in the true meaning of that word.

This is true for all races and classes. It is possible to view models from many angles. The beauty of the Champions can be seen so clearly that you’ll just want to stand there admiring their looks and do nothing else.

Battles has all the characters animated with their own moves which look amazing. Bosses, on the other hand, look terrifying and frightening while they execute their special abilities. The game runs on any decent mobile device and is therefore not very demanding. Anything above 2GB RAM will work fine. The game won’t take more than 100MB of your device’s memory when you are not using it. Combat modes will require more memory.


As I said before, Raid Shadow Legends is a pay-to-win game from the beginning to the end. I don’t want to say that it can’t be played without paying but free-to-play players have to play at least for a year to have a decent team and even then they will be far away from people who buy Offers and Packs.

If you ask me, the price of these items is ridiculously high. The Ancient Shard offers a 0,5% chance to gain a Legendary Champion, and you get one of those shards free of charge every seven days. You can buy 15 Shards for 100$ each, but only 5 times per month. We know that to unlock 1 random (!) Legendary Champion, you will need 200 Ancient Shards. We conclude that Legendary Champion unlocking 1 random(!) requires 200 Ancient Shards. To get Legendary Champion, you’ll need to play 2 months per day and spend 1200$. For every year you play, you’ll get 48 shards. This gives you approximately 25% chance to unlock Legendary Champion.

Sacred Daily Packs are the fastest way to summon Legendary Champions. 35$ for Sacred Daily Packs. They grant you 1 Sacred Shard and 2 Void Shards as well as 4 Ancient Shards in 7 days. You will need 7 Sacred Shards to unlock 1 Legendary Champion. This means that after 2 months of play, you can unlock 1 Legendary Champion using Sacred Shards. Additionally, you can summon anything from 28 Ancient Shards or 14 Void Shards.

If you’re willing to invest money, the Sacred Daily Pack is a better deal than other offers.

Free-to-play players can only get Sacred Shards when they meet very strict requirements or after several months of consecutive logins. Raid Shadow Legends, while a very expensive game, is not suitable for free-to-play players.


Despite overaggressive and annoying advertisement, Raid Shadow Legends found its way to the hearts of players. With over 10 million installations and with an average score of 4, Raid Shadow Legends established itself as one of the 5 most important Hero Collector games on the market. Beautiful and amazing models and simple and addictive gameplay guarantee that this game will live for a long time.

Pay-to-win will cause a lot of players to abandon the game. This is what we are referring to when we discuss the game’s negative sides. Raid Shadow Legends, however, is the Plarium’s golden egg and will be well cared for in the years ahead.

Raid Shadow Legends is a great way to experience the classic Tolikien atmosphere and if you like Gatcha games you should give it a try.

This is where we go a little deeper. This list contains useful guides to help you have a great gaming experience. Enjoy!

Welcome to Raid Shadow Legends Guide. This Guide will explain all aspects of the game and will provide you with the most important information needed in your journey through this great game. Raid Shadow Legends Guide will be divided into 3 sections. We will first talk about Heroes and their upgrading mechanics, then we will talk about gear, and lastly, we will explain every game segment in the Battle menu. Our goal is to unite all facts about the game in one Raid Shadow Legends Guide which will become a useful tool for every new Raid Shadow Legends player.


The main goal in Raid Shadow Legend is to obtain and upgrade as many Heroes as possible since literally every hero can be an invaluable asset for a certain game segment.

There are 13 factions, each with up to 52 characters. Each character can be summoned and leveled as well as geared up or upgraded. Allies and Factions can be:


  • Banner lords (4 Common Champions 8 Uncommon Champions 13 Rare Champions 9 Epic Champions 10 Legendary Champions)
  • High Elves: 3 Uncommon Champions (10 Rare Champions), 9 Epic Champions and 9 Legendary Champions
  • The Sacred Order: 54 Common Champions, 10 Uncommon Champions and 14 Rare Champions.
  • Barbarians (1 Common, 10 Uncommon Champions Champions, 13 Rare Champions. 13 Epic Champions. 5 Legendary Champions.

Gaellen Pact

  • Ogryn Tribes (5 Uncommon Champions (10 Rare Champions), 8 Epic Champions and 5 Legendary Champions).
  • Lizardmen (1) Common Champion, 4 Uncommon Champions 11 Rare Champions, 6 Epic Champions and 4 Legendary Champions
  • Skinwalkers (2) Uncommon Champions (7 Rare Champions, 10 Epic Champions and 6 Legendary Champions).
  • Orcs: 1 Common Champion, 3 Uncommon Champions 12 Rare Champions 10 Epic Champions, and 5 Legendary Champions

The Corrupted

  • Demonspawn Skinwalkers (5 Uncommon Champions (9 Rare Champions,9 Epic Champions,9 Legendary Champions)
  • Undead Hordes (3 Common Champions and 5 Uncommon Champions; 17 Rare Champions; 13 Epic Champions; 10 Legendary Champions.
  • Dark Elves: 3 Common Champions, 3 Uncommon Champions and 13 Rare Champions. 10 Epic Champions. 9 Legendary Champions.
  • Knight Revenant (1) Common Champion, 3 Uncommon Champions 12 Rare Champions 13 Epic Champions, 5 Legendary Champions

Nyresan Union

Dwarves (4 Uncommon Champions 12 Rare Champions 5 Epic Champions 4 Legendary Champions)
There are approximately 400 characters in the game at the moment. They are divided into five quality categories: Common, Uncommons, Rare, Epic and Legendary. These quality categories are represented in the number of yellow stars that each Champion has. Affinity is also a way to divide Heroes. Affinities include Magic, Force and Spirit. Void is neutral. Magic is strong against Spirit, Spirit against Force, Force against Magic, Force against Force and Void against Magic are all strong.

The Tavern is where you can perform all actions that are related to the promotion and advancement of Champions. The Tavern can be unlocked at Level 6. It grants XP to Heroes, in addition to battling in Dungeons and Campaign. Tavern can perform 4 actions:


All Champions can be leveled up in the Upgrade Level tab. There are two ways to do that:

  • You can sacrifice other Champions that you don’t require.
  • You can also give XP Brew as a gift to select Heroes.
  • Giving Brew is more efficient because it grants Heroes more XP. However, it is sometimes a good idea to make room in your roster. The best way to do this is to sacrifice Lvl 1 uncommon
  • Champions. Heroes of higher rank and higher-level grants more XP, but it is unlikely that you will be able to sacrifice a leveled character for this. Bonus XP will be granted to characters or brews that have the same affinity as the Champion.


Every hero can be upgraded to a higher Rank if you maximize their level and spend resources needed for an upgrade. The quality category will remain the same but the Hero will receive another yellow star meaning that he/she can be leveled to a higher level than before, automatically receiving better base statistics. Every new Rank requires gradually more upgrading resources and therefore more time. The maximum level for every Champion is level 60. The number of yellow stars, Maximum level, and requirements for upgrading Rank is described in the list below:

  • Upgrade to the next rank requires Rank 1 – 1 Yellow Star, Max Level 10; 1 character and 1 roasted chicken with 1 Yellow Star are required.
  • To upgrade to the next rank, Rank 2 – 2 Yellow Stars, Max Level 20; 2 characters are required or roasted chickens with two yellow stars.
  • Rank 3 – 3 yellow stars, Max Level 30; 3 characters are required or roasted chickens containing 3 yellow stars to upgrade to the next rank.
  • For upgrading to the next rank, Rank 4 – 4 Yellow Stars, Max Level 40; 4 characters are required or 4 roasted chickens with four yellow stars.
  • To upgrade to the next rank, Rank 5 – 5 Yellow Stars, Max Level 50; 5 characters are required or roasted chickens containing 5 Yellow Stars.
  • The maximum level that you can reach in the game is currently Level 60 – 6 yellow stars – Rank 6.

Remember that once you upgrade a character to a new rank, their level will be reset. You will need to farm experience again until your character reaches maximum level.

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