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been characterized and found to have a much wider than expected range

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and the less the angle of incidence the less the probability that

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feature that will differentiate it from syphilis. Albumin increase

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indigestion see this. Inquiry therefore should always be

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cholera is an imported disease m Hindostan a resident epidemic. What

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Kesult of Blood Examination in a Case of Trichinosis.

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hemorrhage without a diseased condition of the vessels. I have fitted

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flammation thereby giving great relief and prevent

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immediate operation. Even ligation of one artery may be dan

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mosquitos may breed in water so strongly acid that it will instantly

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act of the Privy Council and is under the direct super

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has been prevented by the facts and moreover the study of Israel

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microscopical examination of the brain and cord did

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It is prudent for the physician to apprize the medi

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Thymus. There is hyperplasia of the lymphoid tissue with

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which my studies tend to corroborate. It is of course

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English surgeons. To make himself better master of his craft he

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From the surgical standpoint we can state emphatically that

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ological states of the uterus or other organs predispose to them. There

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obstruction in its passage outwards and if it should happen that

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San Francisco and report to Passed Assistant Surgeon

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will now be seen to be things apart from it and standing in

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No. 13 50 hours. Headache and compression and tending to dizziness

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circle of his friends and relatives and is at his worst when he

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Hebrew people of traditions describing the beginnings of Hebrew

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French casernes unsuitable for hospitalization. Base Hospital No. 66 as

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other words the atheromatous degeneration of the blood vessel

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victim had any doubt as to what she was expected to confess

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The patient did well during the first three days but

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The upi er motor segment is involved in nearly all the diseases of

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fession. Ahnost without exception they arc the men without

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Nature the pustules attain either their height or their due

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the city the wounded were hurriedly transferred successively

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condition as to enable them to endure the crossing to Cherbourg

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removes all dirt. The various lotions recommended con

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muth stockings and clothing must be changed every day.

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get up and propose medical legislation without consulting

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ances of the circulation are produced by a number of causes which may

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the West have taken up the breeding of Short Horns as they have

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melancholia as in other forms of insanity the direct descent

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Spring Grove State Hospital. This hospital a state institu

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by a single living spirit the figure of the vision. This spirit of

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cnts such as tannic acid in some form lead acetate or cojiper

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the American Medical Association regarding educational requirements

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I ulaud. Guy s Hospital Reports London 1868 3d series

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my fingers. I found just as I had apprehended the neighbor

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Case 18. An old man of 77. Gangrene of the left foot

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soft coal is used and they die because they can t breathe

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coagulate the blood and the albuminoids of the tis

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boesia tropica as an infections disease which enters the

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drops and it is possible that some other form of quackery

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Case 1. A French lady a teacher about 23 years of age

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general practitioner this second edition of Holt s work will be

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Causes It is thought that a rheumatic constitution predisposes an

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aroused from this condition of repose he is extremely excitable and trenil les

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Ten or twelve years ago he had an eruption on the wrist

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and Aoyama which appeared in this journal some years ago so

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diarrhoea. Considering the cold weather these flies could

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impunity the death of the pig had been caused by a pneumonia