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during life in all likelihood there will be swelling and oedema

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missioner as chairman. Steps were taken at once to lay

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with cerebral palsies of spastic type and with disturbances of

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respect for the man in the mask and a fresh realization

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suppurative process occurring in the form of an abscess or of

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But as to the mild sorts usually produced by inoculation the

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reflexes by immediately pouring an ounce of ether on the

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services. Visits paid to the poor or in their interest

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address on the question of University extension and asked the

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Vr. Griffin and U. Griffin Observations on the Functional

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sure that the swelling around the transmitting mechanism

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Any physician with an asylum experience or any juvenile or criminal

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The President stated that at the next regular meeting there

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complete knowledge of the amount of tuberculosis existing

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for a very brief space of time in the anterior chamber but

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years and yet the Dock Board a railroad and some in

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cold water bring on catarrh and I have already shown

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organic hemianesthesia. The localization of the cerebral cause

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tion ever to be established through their agency In erysipelas we give

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follow these migrations is a very attractive task and offers another

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actions. Advance registrations are solicited and should be sent with

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salicylate and when I saw her on February 2nd she had been

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played as in the author s earlier writings. This is

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the teaching centres of Loudon University established at

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throat flora. On the second and third cultures the plates were

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first two and a half days proceedings of the Representative

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as everything must fail to bring about recovery in such

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with small percentages of carbon disulphid pentane C 5 H 12

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am dead till I be with him. United souls are not satisfied

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plugging of the vessels which run in and nourish the coats of the

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only after the occurrence of the third case of an infectious disease

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for a more satisfactory etiological factor. This consideration will be

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who had twice been operated on without cocaine for nasal polyps.

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compared with the coi responding data for 190 and for the decade

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The diagnosis rests with the subjective symptoms as given by tlie

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Also that such lesions are more common and more profound in diph

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reflex activity or twitching in the muscles. For the wrist drop or

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weak to hold a bowl of rice. The sphincters are normal.

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both third nerves were completely paralysed. The pupils were not

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writer humbly agrees with the last quoted authority

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was prolonged and the lysin curve rose earlier than the opsonin and

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