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the physical signs of pneumonia and pleurisy may be the same. Should

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patient is in a vertical position led Dr. Baillie to assume

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duced an abscess. He also concluded that the pure esters

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mitted by the majority of clinicians that extensive hypertrophy may

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toms had disappeared. Examination of the sputum was

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arrogant and insulting biographical details which tend to pre

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organisms and their serological reactions in immunized rabbits adds

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eight hours from onset of attack the father came to

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happened by slow exhaustion and in Judea was usually

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above mentioned is based upon the peculiar efficacy of the prominent agent

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to ask Sir Patrick Manson why he was having such poor success

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same time three separate allergins may be demonstrated.

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ease of intermittent fever ague being one of the rarest

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tongue and floor of the mouth by the diathermic method

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ral weeks in duration. The intervals between these periods

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over the forces of nature we might so preserve health that

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instrument of precision. Top heaviness is not for science. For

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grinders on the upper jaw the split part is on the outside and

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chest. Three months is probably the limit of age for

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Symitoms. There are painless tonic spasms which occur whenever

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commonly seen in this region usually start from the maxilla. They

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an early exact and positive diagnosis on the one hand in conditions

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In this situation every Horse which shows depilations and exhibits

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about 50 at his solicitatiou they gave up their lease to

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which become stiff rigid and painful with all attempts to move the

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M. Onimus has just written a paper entitled Considerations on the

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and commented upon. Valuable studies of the actions of bacterial

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guishes America and England. The principle is here I

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the change. If the disease be of a depressed kind accompanied with

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within a very brief time after the accident on litter. All patients

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the great tempter with the allurements of passion and pride

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bougie is composed of the following formula Carbolic acid

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infiltration of corium C with leucocytes showing earvorrhexis. Degenerated

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has observed only three cases of rectal stricture in male patients

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whatsoever or finally the individual the special study of human

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development and evolution as regards surgery and there is no

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nation of the indications for the use of Pyrexin or Pyrogen

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Still great as the difficulties ami dangers of this

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ing water three times a day has proved very beneficial in some

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discovered by Triboulet in 1897 and by Wassermann in 1899.

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symptoms have developed indicate that the right cavi

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increased toward the end of the stroke to force the bristles into

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fleece another objection is when the wool is a few inches long it

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The case may be shortly slated thus A strong man with no

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found spirochaetes in the internal organs even before the development of the

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specimens original and plaster casts of ancient sculpture friezes capitals

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people from the depressing influence of the sorrows and worries

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The patient was Miss Mary S. Wiggins of Indianapolis aged 30

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experiments of Orfila on the dog have shown that the appearances

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The patient was a lady aged forty seven who thirteen years previously

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volatile oil and therefore possesses much the same action as