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section showing otic ganglion OG and lesser superficial petrosal nerve LSP.

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and particular. We speak of the struggle for existence but my

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sister of the ward took it very seriously indeed. The

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which extended from a point about 3 cm. above the bifurca

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for persons suffering from tuberculosis where they cannot give the di

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collapsed. No communication with the peritoneum could be found when a larger

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the placenta is frequently and seriously affected in syphilis it is also the

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sciatic where it does arise is generally easily traced to some definite

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main dressing station of the field ambulance. This stage of the evacua

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yet the patient may make no such complaint of local pain

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to Marc s outgoing personality to Leo s always saying grace at every

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gistic apparatus serves only to disguise what we have borrowed

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no effect. Therefore in dermatitis venenata the skin cells

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ordination of institutions engaged in similar work. On the principle of

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impressions and the interpretations of these impressions lead to

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If in acute pneumonia the pulse can be kept at or near

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gresses become badly disorganized and the patient be apparently normal

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the patient seems to be indifferent to his condition and

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The alleged libels complained of by the plaintiff were pub

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On the other hand if nothing but Streptococcus viridans is present

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when taken into the stomach produces inflammation of that organ particularly

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the cause of the form. Conclusions from this method must usually

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which he analyzed was composed of carbonate of magnesia mixed with some

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uted excellent studies upon chronic urethral inflammation. In the

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able vogue in the Middle Ages and were but restored by Taglia

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tongue he has the ability to cut off the connection between

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which have been employed. Had we been acquainted with these circum

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is great enough to kill them. Such being the case regularly dipped

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may be subdivided into two classes the first showing persistent bron

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A Journal of M dirini Surgery and Allied Sciences published at

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extremities of the ciliary processes. It is consti

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attained by the eminently practical school compendium founded upon

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Dekt et ExcHAQUET Sur la forci pressure pour I hemostasie

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of Zululand by both Europeans and natives that all game known to

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Tincture of Arnica. This is much employed domestJcally as a

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ing to this classification the proportions are 78 per

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of the wall of the ileum showed that it belonged to this type.

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points of the second injections being opposite the intervals

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In changed not only on morphological grounds but also because of recent

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tion becomes spontaneously reduced in the prone position is a

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undue amount of food or of food that is indigestible

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tuberculous thyroiditis and two cases of syphilitic thyroiditis. Making of

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frequently they occur without any apparent cause even in

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living subject. In many cases the frontal sinus can be

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and if the quantity introduced be great a soporose condition convul

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which are adherent to the sac and are readily sutured to the

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can be repudiated by the husband if no intercourse Las taken place

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cause of this affection. The two most prominent factors in head

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