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Dota a los integrantes de los grupos de los recursos musicales esenciales para llevar a cabo su ministerio de una forma mas profesional y digna, ofreciendo a Dios lo mejor de ellos mismos a de sus voces y la e sus instrumentos.

by a double Thomas's splint and plaster bandage; in adults a large

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the attempt is made, care being taken never to induce fatigue. Str}-ch-

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diet the danger of deficiencies in the unrecognized

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not be resorted to. In a series of rapidly succeeding attacks the vapour

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successfully cured by a few massive doses of the X rays and radium;

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obvious treatment in such cases is the remedying of the vesical conditions

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or labouring under some delusions or fancies. Consequently their

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Organotherapy in all forms and combinations and doses

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together by sutures. The superficial painful nodules springing from

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the drug m doses of 5 to 10 grs. in the insomnia of mania. Cannabinon is

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may not suddenly supervene, but when possible the mercurial treatment

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feeding, massage, electricity, hydropathy and suggestion, ail being re-

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This remedy may be used in various ways. The writer has observed

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is situated high up near to the pharsmx. The writer successfully em-

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of treatment. The patient should be put to bed and placed upon thin

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have the requisite permission. Permissions can either be granted

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chronic enlarged spleen of malaria has been successfully removed in some

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puncture cause alarm. Syncope is only likely to occur when the fluid has

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phaturia; these may exist when the total output of phosphates is reduced

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The value of a dry diet such as biscuit, old cheese and stale bread has

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and in such cases removal of the cause must be accomplished before any

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Inland Climates. — The value of each must be estimated by the above-

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capsule of the tonsil is fully exposed by a long incision made with a fine-

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Nitrate of Silver lo to 20 grs. to i oz. should be applied on cotton-wool

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same purpose, but in all probability no local application has any aborti-

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consist of iced compresses frequently applied and thorough irrigation of

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(i) Rodman's. This consists in beginning at the apex of the axilla,

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ment than are the ordinar}- forms of tuberculosis. Even where involve-

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must be corrected by tenotomy, tendon lengthening, &c. (5) Movements

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to milk till constipation declares itself, and then either to suspend the

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filtered out and quiescent bacilli may years afterwards find their way into

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In mild cases any of the local anodyne applications mentioned under

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veloped in an ocean of the germs, ordinary isolation measures are useless.

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in some number (positive or negative) for the third entry, and line

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concealed accidental haemorrhage. The operation should be preceded

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The formation of a peptic ulcer in the duodenum or jejunum after

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cases, and a 2 per cent. Salicylate of Sodium solution in muscular rheuma-

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10 L=L+RND<4> :M=M+RND<4> : N=N+RND<4> :0=0+RND<4>

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ordered to bed. It is claimed by several authorities that excision is liable

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shorten life, operative measures should not be undertaken till the tumour

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should be instantly stopped, and a healthy wet nurse obtained. When

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with kali water, all difficulty in dieting is removed.

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essay writing form 5

arising in the intestines came into acceptance and their reputation revived.

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wards. If cream be mixed with a large quantity of water and the mixture

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operation is necessar}-, a prophylactic injection should be given 48 hours