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Dota a los integrantes de los grupos de los recursos musicales esenciales para llevar a cabo su ministerio de una forma mas profesional y digna, ofreciendo a Dios lo mejor de ellos mismos a de sus voces y la e sus instrumentos.

the natural cure, or eff'ectmg restoration of the lost sense when nature
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should be soaked with Parafifin Oil; warm bread and water poultices
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longing to the limb. It is better to do a bloodless
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When the sweat or sebaceous secretion is found to be coloured in
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executes whilst placed behind the patient, supporting his back with one
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RUN 60 to avoid test entries. If you do, your "clock" will run faster
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Unfortunately, the TRS-80 was not designed to be a precision time-
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treatment is commenced in order to demonstrate the degree of severity
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to eat almost any sort of food in larger quantity than is necessary for the
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through the anus into the rectum. The rate of flow should be regulated
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found. The moral surroundings of children so affected should be closely
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It must not be forgotten that in some susceptible individuals, iodides,
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during the first 6 or 9 months, and beef juice should be given at least once
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5 grs. of the Iodide of Potassium. Phosphorus and StrjTlinine should
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lysed. Feeding should be rigorously attended to, and as soon as swallow-
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be recognised as a " neurosis " arising independently of any morbid con-
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cases, Chloride of Calcium in 20-gr. doses three times a day is the best
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so that this case does not fit in well with all known
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should endeavour to lead the quiet life sketched under the heading of
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springs, and avoid the great difficulty of ligaturing the branches of the
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If pain is a marked symptom a hypodermic of Morphine (} gr.) may be
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use of such agents as Strychnine hypodermically. Ammonia and Whiskey
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Calendar was prescribed by Julius Caesar, which, although it uses a
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of Alcohol in hot water is also efficacious, but for obvious reasons should
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Eserine, Curara, Picrotoxin, Lobelia. Tartar Emetic, and other powerful
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with by the surgeon. Where much pustulation is present the existing
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trusted to grasp the stone without injuring the coats of the bladder.
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after which the injured limb should be continuously immersed in a bath
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D plus 10. Square C has a value of D plus 13 plus R. Square D
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pia-arachnoid involving chiefly the base of the brain, which is synonymous
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those which arise during the convalescent stage of typhoid fever, influenza,
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as a curative agent the Acid Hydrochloride should be selected. Chundra
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ments in endless variety are recommended. The best of these is Koch's,
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mischief is increased, i per cent. Picric Acid solution often relieves the
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should consist in the thorough disinfection of the hair or wool coming
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or other lesions causing hemiplegia requires no consideration other than
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dency to yield to displays of emotional disturbances. Lecturing or
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all relievable by the salicylate treatment, and therefore it should be
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is detailed under Chjduria and Elephantiasis. When the diseased area is
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scope in their struggle for resolution by permitting a free flushing of the
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i published favorable results obtained in hay fever
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and Dionin (| gr.), being less likely to dry up the expectoration, are pre-
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" Primary " atrophy of the optic disc, as seen in tabes, general paralysis
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may be single and attain a considerable size. They are more usually
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have been met, the catarrhal diarrhoea resulting from the prolonged
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tuce, carrots, beets, etc.) plus one teaspoonful of
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When the pharynx is involved a warm 4 per cent, spray of Boric Acid