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Retrograde embolism is usually explained by a temporary reflux of

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former results from irregularity in ossification of the articular cartilages.

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entire immunity. When exposure ceases it is not unreasonable

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Apis Melifica in minute doses for dropsy of the eye lids.

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distant from kidneys. Point of ossification in the astragalus

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diametrically across the superior surface of the head of the radius and

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the cartilage of the acetabulum was eroded and lifted from its

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Interval between injection 2 and injection 3 about 45 seconds.

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head and a diaphoretic mixture containing liquor acetatis ammonias and

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sent to the eye of tlie observer a spiral circumflex

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mentioned the quantity had been guaged by the amount that

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This paper was in the nature of a reply to the stric

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there are certain endemic centres that Ireland Italy and Russia are the

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tricity and tonics combined with washing out the viscus. Where the

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The effect will be that an extra 2d. per member in all

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culosis laving and virulent bacilli found in the affected gland. As these

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Author and Mr. Macgregor surgeon of the York A ylom

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course of the lymph current first along the ovarian and uterine vessels to

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eradicate. When an aura is present prevention of individual

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or cavities. Dulness gradually extends over a considerable portion of

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competence without the assistance of a grain or a drop of a drug.

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tion but not to have much eiYect as indicated by the animals appetite.

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entes a los individuos ataxicos y a los normales que sirvieron

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are novel but no less true. Thayer ranks among the leading in

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tration of this he cites seven avses and remarks that this

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tightness and constriction which will be discussed in their relation to special

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Medical Corps of the Navy and for promotion in the Corps.

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which rise to the surface in connection with foreign substances then

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this position in a normal pelvis the accomplishment or

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In conclusion inorganic murmurs are almost always systolic in time

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and death from hemorrhage. The escape of the fetal fluids into the

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as well as to the political social and economical evolutions of the

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It is particularly the children of nervous gouty rheumatic

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plasia to designate white patches on the mucous mem

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it does occur as a diffuse endothelial growth cither with very limited

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yet another manual on these subjects. The one under

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better the position of the pupil the less the letters

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ated. The results of carefully collected data covering a long

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children on whom the operation for congenital dislocation had been

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Obddrics originally written by Dr. Samuel Nail and brought up to

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which four years had been spent in India. He was operated

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missing. Crime had become so prevalent and disorder of all sorts that

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servation upon the patient. Physical findings are to

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still lying before it justified the many additions recently

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the acknowledged principles of sound and rational surgery.

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eighth day when a gradual fall sets in Pfeiffer and Marx. Typical

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lymph glands. The part passes through the usual succession of

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those who have not recently undergone the operation. By

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clinical subjects great attention being paid by the members

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It is of extreme medicolegal importance to recall that the motives of normal

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It is apparent that the clotting time is only slightly pro

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I find reported in primary tuberculosis of the eye when

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pernicious type and pernicious anemia proper with a crisis and