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will render it unnecessary to destroy the life of a

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Causes. Where the animal gets a few feeds of rich food after

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lytic form of rabies. This case was examined by all the members

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struation divides involution into two periods of nearly equal length when

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than with chloroform. The clinical applications are illustrated

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completely. The reason appears to be that at this level the upper motor

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hypewesthesia here is called hi j per algesia. When spontaneous pains appear

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were beautifully written his thoughts were clear concise

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ally to higher temperatures varying according to the size and nature of

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of the disease by direct continuity of tissue and in

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the Public Health Committee in 1920 and 1921 he was

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The left anterior aorric cusp is displaced downward f cm. below the

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began to subside and the patient was able to void the

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some of the cases of lymph scrotum the fluid as before indi

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not by any means warmed and the white decoction so called

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sides enumerating a number of annoying functional and

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of pestilence to models of healthiness gave great impetus

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A dog is anesthetized tracheotomy performed and connection

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changes becomes caseous pneumonia. In both cases the round cell infi

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mse in a displaced left ovary which he removed without any

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especially permanent symptomatic cures have been exceptional.

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York of an address written by the author for the Congress at

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a principle in tetanus. So long as the original morbid change

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Government or that the terms offered by the Government

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The innervation of the heart is a question surrounded by much ob

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for pure water supply and for promoting the establishment of play

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Concerning the alleged increase of neuro recui rences since salvarsan

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constant intra et inter haec labia minora sen nymphae sunt.

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to an extent justified by no other facts in our pos

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although as long as about a quarter of the gland is left

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ten days later with a repetition of former symptoms

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immediate operation. Even ligation of one artery may be dan

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man and woman here there is a sense of spiritual regeneration

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sensations which refer to the top of the thyroid cartilage as the seat

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somewhat from that employed by Dochez and the results were not so

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complaints. For some time past he has been using it

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more than one hundred undergraduate members of our Fra

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on tlie Chester Council of Social Welfare thig refers to tha

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also write a brief autobiography which will serve as

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the ureter and run in a longitudinal direction in such a man

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of when he sees a case of heart disorder is likely to be

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poles and hay will make a warm comfortable roosting and nesting place

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a. Huulei which miKhi have taken part in the formation of

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Great diversity prevails as to the kinds of drinks which

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eitlier of two ways the smaHest opening for removal of the fluid by

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Unua s folliculitis scrofulosorum rather than tuberculosis

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Reports IV. 1869. LuithUn Beitrag zur Casuistik der Fettdegeneration der

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explain his omission of the characteristic feature of

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ganglion cells. Some of these contain more than one nucleus.

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show that there is some ground for their objection to the ex

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proved excellently suited to our needs except as noted below. When once a