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Reply. Such use is moderately harmful to the heart. It is much more

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appendages were densely adherent to the intestines.

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Contemporary with Lanfranc was his loyal follower Henri de

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be remembered. Scabies in its early stages often looks much like papu

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complete medical organization in the United States. A

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There is then in many normal boys a presystolic sound that is

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The Insane Criminal. Butler Metzger gives the results

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of falling into this vice from the great fatigue and

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oiling of a pool will destroy natural enemies of the mosquito the time

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applied. Good nursing is important. A brief report was made

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of it also by Mr. James Briggs. As the arguments advanced in this

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was apparently healthy but at this time it was no I

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rose to 102.8 the leucocytes to 22 000. She was transferred to

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datids have already been given. See Hydro nephrosis page 787.

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putting on a pair of very tight ladies boots with French heels.

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J. Jackson in 1899 performed a lithotomy with Eucain B

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Chinamen. In Manila there have been reported 555 cases with

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bicarbonate of soda is used. In common cases this slight excess of either

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The following old prescriptions are perhaps more valuable

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tioner for the proposed legislation it is very remarkable that

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From the above it is seen that the nerve pits on the opercular

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Lesions. If the congestion has not existed for a long time we find

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Dr. Sansom read a paper on a New Method of Supplementary

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Differential Diagnosis. It is necessary to exercise caution in the

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A source of much harm in my opinion bemg practiced to day

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bases and giving rise to the usual symptoms. The patient

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Government wished for information on medical matters they sought

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