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was baptized Mary while the other was a blonde and was named Catherine.

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cularis of the arteries and may extend until the whole artery is involved

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rose to 102.8 the leucocytes to 22 000. She was transferred to

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It had become increasingly obvious that the attempt to super

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parasite yet pathological changes in the liver were noted

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remedy which can safely be resorted to and as it is supposed that

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hospitals for eight years and have not seen pilocarpine injected. He

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showed amorphous material and oxalates but no blood corpuscles. Dr.

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be regarded as one of rheumatic fever. Not unfrequently however gross

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that the fault rests with physicians who in some instances

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particulars of twenty four cases of this condition in patients varying

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pneumonia with an ordinary bronchitis and a feeling of sorenew

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rupture of some vessel with extravasation of blood into corpora cavernosa.

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from stones and that the best method of treatment is

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pathogenetic bacteria but it is only within recent years that the im

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that fact alone. There is indeed one form of paraplegia

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withstanding the efforts of the Government to isolate those affected with

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making it possible at one age to secure several stages. In

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body in nitrogen for the period was therefore 10.21 grams.

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touch in the extremities. This soldier touched a table passed his hands over

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the Bacillits colt communis and the Bacillus tuberculosis. MM. Gilbert

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number since their product equals 10 equation 3. Thus

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of spoiling a picture by overloading it with unnecessary

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forth had a gastro enterostomy for pyloric oV struction. There was

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this cannot be accomplished in the majority of cases

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the stronger solution before mixing them so that the latter may not be

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perforated gastric ulcer is vastly different from that assumed in the case

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and be almost of the consistency of stone. Smaller enlarge

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opposite sex can give rise to depressions and disturbances of

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ing and suffocative attacks and liquids are forced back through the

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throughout this inquiry it would appear to him that he was actuated by

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These consist of small radish shaped cones of gelato glycerin eacli

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confidence of that unique constituency to place my services to

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phthalein and titrate from a burette with the soda solution.

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and untrained sisters of a million country and village homes

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in middle English and Chaucer uses it near the beginning of his Nonnes

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ciously and often have to be dissolved by dilute acid.

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whatever. Occasionally however the bulb could be made to pass

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and discharged their contents into the bladder. Mr. Joseph Thompson

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of simple mush of oatmeal wheat seconds or barley meal skim

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St. Michael s has a great amount of clinical work of which Toronto

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tabes and not infrequently are the first serious indication of the

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JuDD. January 1903 an exploratory operation was per

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cessful impactions in the floating colon or pelvic flexure maj still

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hot air bath or hot pack. The uterus should be emptied

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during or directly after a meal and through an effort to vomit

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flexible lead piping hinged together by a piece of rubber tubing. The

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hernia. After getting a perfectly fitting truss the

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gave the desired information in 75 per cent of cases where the

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not infrequently follows the eating of indigestible articles of food. I have