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of wax cerate of cold cream or of any other mild unguent.

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Congenital Truncation of l orc inn. I ntl.iteral Hypertrophy of Head and

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the first ease reported by the essayist. The kidney was very

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Landau in 1793. Of 92 children 16 died at birth 33 died

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Quantitative changes a An increase of total cholesterol is found in

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ism in their point of view a naturalism which could follow only

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minated in the din of arms that at Marston Moor shook the

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maternal impressions have been exploited by novelists who

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for which he is not responsible. The arms and face are usually first

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compaved these two cases together to point out any remarkable difference

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Diabetes sometimes provokes lesions in the genitals that

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should not be used in cavities where an outlet for the free

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vaso motor disturbance. In the latter case the main symptom is poly

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adherent in the lower pelvis and the pyloric end of

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ments of ataxic patients depending to some extent on

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untoward symptoms as cutaneous eruptions swellings etc

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the Aristotelian theory of the elements but her statement of

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the clear supernatant liquid from the precipitated carbonate of lime and

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uniform tinge of the eruption again invades the written surface.

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of the fact that experienced authorities favor a con

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to cystitis. Sizes and kinds of catheter are of sufficient impor

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are cheaper than cocain. However beta eucain should not be

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The Chairman said that this would no doubt be taken

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lowest recorded since 1908 the reduction being noticeable

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always fatal in the intemperate. Other factors which

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organisms previously included under one head are by no means

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urea. I refer to it on account of its remarkable solubility for

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may intrude on the surrounding tissues and act in the manner of a

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stout 1 cm. long or less. Umbels terminal about 12 flowered the

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grew arts multiplied and knowledge increased wiser men

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ness in about six hours but here the pupils were con

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chemical action must not be violent or the number of cells

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ary infections. On the other hand Bumpus and Meisser in

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Ureterotomy for Obstructing Ureteral Stone with Analysis of

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butter made of their milk is hardly greater than that of heredity

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allied diseases. 1 have published many instances of

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dicitis and hepatic colic. On the third day condition

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follow the use of this anaesthetic. After exposing a

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proceeds with the handling of food a bowl of sugar spilt

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easily recognized the operation is imperative at the earliest moment

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Glohe After a woman has been married to a man six months

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difficulty in breathing and had spells of wheezing and

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ful in view of the rarity of diaphragmatic hernia in the dog.

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