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Boy Br. 7 years old. Operated on for synovial hygroma situated upon
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where invalids must spend much time in the open air the importance
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nausea is the rule during the height of the attacks
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epidermis which being removed in some places exhibits patches of an
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purified Talcum. Silicate ot Magnesia Squibb s Boracic Acid
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author proceeded to investigate the frequency of necrosis and regeneration
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obtained by the managers upon the subject of revaccination viz.
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the sick should be constantly eating. Sir Francis Head says
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December scarlet fever committed great ravages in Dublin and continued
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The odor of the urine may be modified by diet medicines
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Paralysis. Suppression of urine. Effusion of serum into pleurse and peri
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Hospital Service to that of the United States Health
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immediate danger in phthisis is less from the bacilli
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examined 4 were found infected an average of 3 1 per cent.
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These signs disappeared completel ten days after the curative operation.
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Those who are easily chilled on going out of doors should
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When the compression involves the lumbosacral region of the cord a
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recently perfected methods. The gravimetric method is based on the reaction
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North Carolina Medical Society Meeting Asheville N. C May 30th June 2nd 1899.
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