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Ergot, Hamamelis and other drugs supposed to act upon the blood-

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the Level I Manual or Page E/l of the Level II Manual.) The initial

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causes usually met with: (i) Prostatic Enlargement, (2) Stone or Foreign

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overlook the semicolon and colon before INPUT A. Incidentally,

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food, over-spiced curries, along with alcoholic liquors when little exercise

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By cocaine solution the thickened mucous lining is rendered insensible,

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blankets after the hot pack, his skin having been rubbed dry with hot

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lants may be freely administered at first till the activity of the alimentary

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or gastro-jejunostomy , the latter title implying the portion of intestine

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in many sanatoria the idea seems to prevail that to resort to any form of

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Where retention is caused by clotting of blood in the bladder, as from

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occurs, then half a wineglassful every 4 hours to keep up the dizcharge

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are followed by death within a period as short as if they had not been

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of the several joints of the body; these will in each instance be dictated by

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some rotation of the vertebrae round a vertical axis. Amongst the

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AUyl sulphide given off by the pulmonary surface has marked antiseptic

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extensive dropsy is present this dose may safely be doubled. The con-

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and, moreover, they appear to aid in the entire combustion of the spirit

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This condition, due to absence of the roof of the urethra (the opposite

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military practice, after the bath, scrubbing and rubbing in of the ointment,

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contains a firmly implanted calculus, the operation of removal of the gall-

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the seven layers and the respective functions. This architecture

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stricture, if necessary' under chloroform ansesthesia, and with patience

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ing as seldom as possible, and never when indoors; massage of the scalp

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the patient's home, it is a good plan to place a large vessel filled with water

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benefit applied a weak current earlier. The current has no effect upon the

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The operation has been modified in various ways. ]\IcLaurin produces

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of Bellg.donna and Glycerin. (See also under Abscess and Bubo.)

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the lower end of the bowel may be locally reached by caustics tlirough

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danger as long as she is undehvered; secondly, that the best results are

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artificial delivery or other operative procedures is partly due to the

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first and second results are unsatisfactory. After the first batch of this

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Multiple rib resection and Chondrotomy of the first and second ribs have

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moistened with Sodium Salicylate solution; the positive salicylic ions are

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hol will be indicated in a considerable number of cases, such as in alcoholic

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ointment or lotion which may soothe and quickly heal an itchy, dry eczema

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end there. As soon as possible the uterus should be curetted and the

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In thin patients small pads of wadding may be placed over any bony

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glands sealed up during and after the operation. Sir Alexander Dempsey

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of a return to half-consciousness the battery should be at once applied to

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cerebral affections disappear, and the specific action of the iodide seems