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Dota a los integrantes de los grupos de los recursos musicales esenciales para llevar a cabo su ministerio de una forma mas profesional y digna, ofreciendo a Dios lo mejor de ellos mismos a de sus voces y la e sus instrumentos.

a part of the routine since the time of Graves and Stokes. There cannot

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will require either nephrotomy, nephro-lithotomy, nephrostomy, nephrec-

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The abdomen should be opened without delay, the gall-bladder freely

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current, one pole being applied over the thigh and the other dropped into

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the cervical region is as unsatisfactory as is that of the allied cerebral

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soothes some patients. The habit of reading oneself to sleep by the aid of

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inferior turbinate bone by pencilling it with the galvano-cautery heated

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By keeping the leg constantly immersed in a trough containing warm

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to reach the stomach and extend towards the second part of the

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of the patella. When acute it should be treated by rest and ice, or evapor-

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general infection has already been established, it is nevertheless imperative

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exhaustion. Here a Weir Mitchell course is clearly indicated, and should

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where unhealthy occupations are carried on, the destruction of ill-lighted,

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third generation of computers. Transistors were made smaller in size

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no inherent objection to a pessary if a patient prefers it to operation, if

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Line 24 assigns values of 66 to B and 1 1 1 to C. These will be

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ordinary cells, passed for half a minute or so, is usually sufficient, but

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inhalation of Nitrite of Amyl or Nitroglycerin by the mouth may be

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left hand between the patient's thighs as she lies on her side and keep the

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169 CLS: PRINTS 136." THE LOAN IS FOR *" ;F; "FOR" ;Y; "MONTHS AT";R;"X"

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In a fortnight or three weeks the chancre is markedly changed for the

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surgeon to a children's hospital he was surprised to find how seldom a

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Mainframe computers, Mini computers and Micro computers.

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The second term is (B ■ C) . Here the complement of C is

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relieves the acute pain which is a considerable factor in the condition of

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removed by successive scrubbings w^ith a set of bristles mounted on wire

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cervix up to 12 or preferably 14 Hegar, so as to overstretch the muscular

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specialised movements, and it is a good plan for him to commence type-

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of some irritation of the acoustic nerve. The treatment of this symptom

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the stomach, secondary fermentative processes set up organic acidity, but

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the numerous sinuses struck upon the calcareous mass.

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telephone interface (under $5) using five common Radio Shack parts

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neither is directly chosen, yet the accent is laid on

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fifteen additional medical officers will be required.

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be applied to the entire body by means of this apparatus, and a heat of

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such case demonstrated at operation in a young congenital syphilitic

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discovery of an intracorpuscular parasite by Seidelin proves to be the

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3. Level I uses only single-letter variables. Since Level II

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plexity of the hardware and allows the user to use the name of the files for

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in renal affections and in all ailments of childhood or infancy, opium is

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death from necrosis of bones and prolonged suppuration.

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can be arranged together in a single device. But in practice, there is

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mouth, whilst the strychnine is administered hypodermically. Notwith-

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[should l)e large doses of Iodides (60 grs. per dieiu), but recent statistics

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be given in 15-min. capsules 3 times a day. Santalol or Arheol, which

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when the latter accidentally functions as a vaccine. The dose of the

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setting up a true endometritis, usually in the cervix, but also to that

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see it, is a freeing of a definite directive expression,

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over the parts with a brush several times a day. A weak Lead lotion