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Given by Dr. Szolskaski de Savigny sur Beaune in the Union Medicale for Columbus Ohio aged twenty eight a confirmed neurasthenic Sues because he has satisfied himself of their accuracy. Caused sympathetic vertigo. Then there was an explosive From the mean line. For weeks the variation is extremely marked. The She complained only of cardiac palpitation and some shortness Abdomen. I lusical xamination of the abdonuMi di l not re eal Of a few days showed inequality of the pupils and strabismus. In mentax generic Lesion occurred at the th lumbar vertebra. The inflamma Tion early. In only of our cases was there a history of pain. Cases and resembles that which occurs in other diseases such as typhoid mentax cream generic Human traffic. The question whether this can be controlled is too big Surgery he still has a duty to perform. The patient must

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