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Dota a los integrantes de los grupos de los recursos musicales esenciales para llevar a cabo su ministerio de una forma mas profesional y digna, ofreciendo a Dios lo mejor de ellos mismos a de sus voces y la e sus instrumentos.

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jaw and cervical glands when these are markedly tender. 4 weeks'
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laryngotomy. Operative measures in the hands of Butlin show that
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Massage and Electricity are always of use when the muscles are wasted
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This input device stores data in a microprocessor embedded
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Prophylaxis is easily secured by boiling the milk of the goat, as the
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parasite. It must also be kept in mind that agents which are destructive
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fermented milk of the mare is a highly prized Russian remedy for phthisis.
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within sight of the goal, life may be sustained upon stimulants when all
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afterwards invades these centres, is practically beyond the reach of treat-
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to his attic or as far from the ground level as possible. The worst cases are
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mentioned. A weak solution of Corrosive Sublimate (J gr. to i oz.) is the
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necessary, and Strychnine hypodermically may be required. Brawny
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Since the screen actually displays 96 frequencies, it goes
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terms has plunged the subject into hopeless confusion. In the great
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It appears almost equally clear that when operation is undertaken for the
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Colotomy affords the only hope of saving life in most chronic cases, and
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weak permanganate solution, any of the above liquids may be injected
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The question of providing drainage will be settled by the depth of the
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characterise this rare cutaneous malady are uninfluenced by internal
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lessness has become established. There are minor aids which in such cases
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times a day for the first week, 2 grs. in the second, and 3 grs. in the third
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of the tumour causing the discharge (see under Cancer of Uterus and
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superficial or deep abscesses recommend a free abdominal incision under
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introduced, which was attended by a very low immediate mortality in
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remedied by appropriate surgical treatment. The general health must be
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pain is the immediate cause of insomnia ordinary hypnotics are useless, as
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is apt to occur, hence the freest drainage is necessary after thoroughly
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tea may be allowed up to within an hour of the operation. The skin of
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The treatment of this condition will be found on p. 447, where the
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lacerating the anterior capsule of the lens so as to expose the lens fibres to
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The old practice of drenching the patient with vegetable astringents
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Precipitate, or Zinc Ointments, or any bland unirritating antiseptic salve.
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it must be passed into the pharynx through the nose.
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cocci obtained from a patient suffering from scarlatina, the dose being
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symptoms have shown themselves the only hope lies in the intravenous
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peritoneum much soiled, it is well to provide drainage through the lower
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tive process, as pepsin only acts in an acid medium, but with papain the
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but flushing with Hydrogen Peroxide answers all purposes better.
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increased amount of nourishment is thus used up to the greatest advan-
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efficient local application, but it must be used almost continuously.
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